A New Breed of Man


I see you’re hard
Crusty with belligerence
And there’s ample proof
We cannot coexist
I am soft, sensitive curves
And I cannot cope
With lines that blurr
Your eyes that smile
Yet never touch your mouth
You are a self proclaimed:
“New Breed of Man”
Tough exterior, muscled frame
You are calculated control
A New age metrosexual
Here I am, imperfectly whole
Reminding you,
……you’re not so special
I’d rather be real
I’d rather be honest
I’d rather feel
And love at my hardest
Chivalry is still sexy
And so is being kind
Precarious seed
A New Breed of Man
That wasn’t needed
And even flawed,
Femininity creates perfectly
You are a Fraud
And You are not of My design



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