New Rules


We were factual, punctual
We decided rules going In
Quiet contemplation
Nothing on a whim
Laid those mines as if functional
Youth gave you a head start
You seemed to need less
Just this attraction
Didn’t care about my mess
Or my constant distraction

So agreed to be a part
Of These rules for you:
Don’t lie
Don’t fall in love
Pleasure and reciprocal promise
Don’t meet….family
Don’t be….needy
Okay with been apart
Except twice a week
Don’t be a bother
Don’t take another
Or, respectfully ~ tell me

These rules work for me
More free with ten years in between
That gap that may just save me
I love your sculpted body
Hours at the gym
And no hurt contemplated
No reminder of him
A decade when I slept
You keep it in place
Mature in need
Your family and friend fan base
Not clued up, not tagged in
So I get you, I’m okay
Music, ideas and condoms
It matters little what you say
I’m monstrous when I love
So I’m glad it’s outta the way


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  1. ssunshine14
    Mar 28, 2016 @ 11:50:12



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