Broken Rules


After you left
I restored order
From chaotic love
That filled every corner
The mess we made
Joined bedding on the floor
Jewellery and panties and heels
Claw marks you can’t ignore
Can you understand how it feels…
…when you say “our place”?
I’ve never asked you to love me
Or questioned why in our haste
I know your scent lingers on
I breathe it in heady inhalations
Long after you are gone
And these tiny love bites
They sting beautifully
I am not yet earthbound,
…….chasing heights
Torso lithe and heavy
With remembered delights
New rules devolve
With attachments deadly
Sharing secrets untold
And only one guarantee
When this ends I won’t be ready
Broken our own rules
Forgot slow and steady
Naked, I hold onto pillows
Place them hard against me
Where need throbs constantly
So many reasons we cannot be
And my Hands shake visibly
At loss anticipated
I’m quiet – I won’t complicate it
Breeze softly visiting windows
Cooling heated skin, feverish
Don’t fall in love, don’t need
Ever mindful,
Though you are wonderful
I am composed serenity as you leave
Heartache left me spiteful
Bite the “I love you” on my tongue



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