I am a woman who feels
With truth
I’ve hurt from the best
Said goodbye to my youth
You believe yourself above
These things
An orator of finite beliefs
But your silence hurts me
With the insecurity it brings
Made me beg the question:
What’s wrong with me?
And that is not acceptable
I will not live with less
I’d rather return to…
Still not sure if All my Alone
Has damaged me beyond repair
I only know when I love
I need to feel you there
I only know for me
It is Essential that you care
Intimacy is giving
From that Well where we all hide
It’s knocking at a door
Hoping to come inside
And I refuse to be a lesser me
Left on some threshold
If You cannot welcome me in
Then You leave me in the cold
Goodbyes for me are easy
It’s the loving that is hard
If you found it difficult to please me
Remember all I offered
For one word, one kiss, one meaning
If still you offer reticence
Then you are less than what you seemed
I will not suffer by your absence
Relieved you’re less than pleased
I only want to say
What’s really wrong with you?
If in treating me this way,
You’re the one who seems so used?
And even though you wouldn’t stay,
It’s both of us who get away?


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