Press Send


You said,
“Must I teach you everything?”
And Making love became fucking
Just like that
You made me nothing
You told me what to do
How to do it
How to speak
When to do it
I asked you questions
You refused to answer
Innocent of defection
I tried to please you
It was a disaster
You have no right
To take me
Knowing I am Broken
I Am My Fight
And then you broke me harder
Without the affection
You’re withholding
I’m sincere but insecure
Every inch I’ve won folding
You said,
“You’re fucking only me now.”
And Yes that made me happy
Admit I’m crushed how that can be
I said,
“Can’t you be kind?”
Instead of tenderness
You nearly blew my mind
I asked,
“Why won’t you kiss me?”
Didn’t mean to let it out
I wish I’d shut my mouth
I cried,
“God, you’re frustrating.”
Instead of giving me some hope
Laughed at my unoriginal joke

But then we slept
And you searched for me
Your hands, your legs, your body
They told me you are sorry
Turned to kiss me still asleep
Held my long hair tightly gripped
Crushed me with your need
I saw you when control slipped
You said,
“Look at me!”
And then I really did
I saw the hurt you keep well hid
Oh, my love I’ll never leave

I said,
“You really don’t like me?”
When You ignored me like before
Bewildered, it hurt even more

I wrote,
“Goodbye, I’m not calling you again.”
My heart had had enough
Shaking as I pressed send
I know I knew it then
I know it had to end



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