I Love You


I love you
With all that entails
With my needy heart
And my head off its rails
My ever erratic heartbeat
On Slow
In sync with your quiet
Because this is your life
But for me this is War
And tranquillity
Left me wanting more
Inside sunshine or rain
I’m learning how
To live with my pain
To live with a wisdom
Of simply being
I love you
Always have, sight unseen
Until we met
And spoke
And you wanted nothing
From me
Nothing that I couldn’t give
I know I learned
From your gentle kiss
Upon my cheek
And so found real sleep
Sift through disasters
To find rest from the trenches
Love masters
The words I speak
In passionate dimentias
Fallen so deep
And legs entwine
So proclaim
A touch steady
I know nothing more
Than this
A moment when I realise
I am My Happiness
My many battle scars
The demons I have faced
I stand tall, hands on hips
Survey Battlefloor
The truth on my lips
Strategically interlaced
My Battlefield Life
Each door wrong
Until I made it right
And finally withdraw
War keeps no score
I needed just this floor
I needed the distance
To tear down defense
And win the war
At Love’s  Persistence



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