Breathed inhaled salted water
Choked the broken
Crazed honesty slaughter
Exhaled expunged the lie
You never loved me
And lied about why
Tasted textured tears
That filled seas
Declared: you will be alone
You determined those fears
And so deny devotion
Killed while passionately caressed
Know it was my soul ultimate
You intimately undressed
Until I stood naked
In every way
Exposed bared and vulnerable
I wished for you to stay
But if ever I was a beggar
Then I have forgotten how
It’s my pride you want to own
I leave you to your afflictions
And solemnly make this vow
I will walk alone
I will never bend
I will never turn
You will remember me
And the memory will burn
Whatever lesson you’re teaching
You gave me doubt
You left me needy
Here is the love
Your cruel & unusual punishment
I can do without
I will not lie for you
I will not kneel
I will not be trained
It’s from yourself you steal
Desired but not forgiving
Until humiliation came humbling
Until nothing remains
But love without the loving
Never Again ~ But, I loved you
And that’s something


20 May 2016 ~ Remember


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