Believe You Me

I guess that’s it then ~

We’ve already had this conversation

Neither will admit the hesitation

Stubborn stillness suppresses

And I do believe you

I know you will miss us

It was never intended to hurt

Love evaporates like morning dew

At the first inkling of sunlight

And you can believe me

You were the stars in my darkest night

I am confined by the restrictions

Of my predilections

By the pride cultivated

When my Name was Devastation

But, I believe you

We were your destination

And I would bleed for you

If that was a trusted supplication

But, love is not some obligation

Please believe me

You were my happiness

I long to follow where you go

It’s true, you know

You are me reflected

A thousand times

Our scars, our hopes

Those we own so we are defined

I don’t recognise

Smiling eyes and laughter lines

Stripped down to nothing

Just scratch the surface ~ see me crying

Though I may waver

I stand with head high

We call ourselves saviour

Brave in goodbye

Resigned reluctantly free

Every scar a testimont

To beauty – to you and me


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