My Forget-Me-Nots Tree

You messaged me 

When you were surrounded 

By friends and music and laughter 

You thought of me inside your life 

Though you keep me for after

I said this is acceptable 

I said I am fine

But if I’m honest I’m telling you

You’re the reason that I smile

Under my skin 

Somehow we’re making


I had no inkling 

I didn’t expect feeling

I thought that part of me 


And I’m not ready to hope

Enough to feel alive 

I’m not ready to believe 

To give up where I hide

I wish I was built differently 

I wish love felt natural

Instead of wondering 

How much of this

Is Awakening 

And how much is just my need 

How much will this fill me, or


My Forget-me-nots tree


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