Concrete surrounding trees
Birds and lawns and picnic corners
Never used
Bricked in borders
Landscaped fenced mews
Not enjoyed as it should
Even signage annoyed
As if it understood
States: “Keep Out!”
While inside steel enforced gates
The living quietly shout
Doors with codes
Shut closed
Behind you
Shiny and new
The world
Hurled Away
So stay
In safety
Timed precisely
As we pray
With keys and remotes
That barely jangle
Innocuous entangle
In empty pocketed coats
Before you
Lock it
Block it
A buzzer within
Controls access
Before you begin
Society’s abscess
Denied umpteenth times
Ignorance is kind
Passersby see a fortress
Overstated importance
With beautiful views
Through caged windows
And guarded news
No laughing children
Playing in watered gardens
These aging widows
Living their pardons
Seed imagined cauldron
Move curtain in stealth
And 4am candle wick
To save pennies
Of hoarded wealth
Their eyes quick
Miss nothing
Yet, miss it all
You cannot live life
Looking over a wall

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Not A Garden

He said: I’m so sorry, we need to talk
He said: I love only you
He said: I’ve missed you

She said: Would you like to see my garden?
It’s where I go to play
It is where my heart is less guarded
And, my hurt not overtly on display

He said: Would you like to see the sea side?
Maybe run into the waves
You know that’s a kinda freedom
The type I do believe saves

She said: I like it in my garden
I go there everyday
I know it’s very quiet
But, it’s where I’m really safe

He said: Let’s go somewhere neutral
Get all this out the way
I’m so sorry I was brutal
And, that I’ve been so long away

She said: Yes, but you need to see
what loving did to me
I need this from you please

He said: Take me to your garden
Show me where you play
Show me what my love did
When I went away

She took him to her garden
She said: I’ve found a fresh approach
She said: please don’t hurry darling
It will take an hour at most
I asked before, be patient, come
Walk with me, your last duty done
I know it seems very lonely
I know it may make you scared
But, when you see my garden
You will understand how much I cared

He held her hand and followed
Though trepidation filled his heart
He expected to find it fallow
But, was fascinated from the start
Obviously carefully hidden
Inside, It was bright and full of trees
Though some shadows at the edges
She was keeping them at bay
With the flowering of yellow Jessemine
The flourishing of unusual bouquets
Around the perimeter, just out of sight
Some only little buds, still needing time
Hemlock ponds decorated just right
Greeting nature’s wondrous art
Demand attention at the Garden’s heart
Paid homage to a huge Manchineel
An Angelic fountain slightly to the left
It’s cool watery eyes gushed never spent
The Monkshood hugged cement
The Windflowers grew on a green bed
Surrounded by violet Larkspur
He followed her where she led
She pointed to the Doll’s Eyes
He touched it all in awe
These grew untamed just to the right
They tell no lies, white without sight
They walked a little more
Near pink bushels, Hearts of Jesus
And the blooms of non or believers
A circle of dells
Homed darker maroon Fairy Bells

She said: Come talk to me
He said: I admit, you’ve created beauty

They sat near the fountain
In a niche of tree stumps and rocks
A Golden Chain swayed in the breeze
Another of her rooted trees
And under the
Oleander’s Sweetest scent
Joined with the musty myriad of leaves
The unimaginable array of hues
Blessed a tangible planting of her Mews

She said: I made this garden, to share with you
He said: You are so beautiful, what an amazing thing to do

She leaned in close and kissed his lips. Shared nectar in tiny sips. Suddenly, a sliver of sun shone through, but even the brightest still seemed to shine blue. He looked at her and wary now, he said, “I’m finding it hard to breathe…” She nodded and said, “Come lay your head….and soon you will find relief.”

Confusion and terror as he sank into her. Disbelief that he had been tricked. Ragged gasps, he could barely speak, but driven….rasped, “What is this?”

She held him tenderly, surrounding by flower and leaf. She looked around and nodded, as he took a last blue mottled breath, then slowly he was dragged away by treacherous thieving leaves. Her garden spoke to her, in rustling whispers of reverence. It was innately greedy for every inch of it was poisonous.

She said: You know I love you, only you.
Garden said: True. We love you, too.
She said: You will hold my heart in safety? Garden said: Always, we keep it for you. And, always we will be waiting.

Fairies, Myths, and Magic
Fairy Cliche by ggatz


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While you were away

While you were away
My mind attuned
My body would sway
My life on hold, no reservations
These remembered conversations:
“I’m very jealous, are you?”
“No, never.”
“It isn’t easy, I do not trust.”
“For us to succeed, sweetheart,
you must.”
“I’m possessive, needy.”
“That’s alright, I accept you completely.”
“When I am most afraid, I push away.”
“Push, my love, I’m here to stay.”
“I will understand if you want to go.”
“I’m not leaving, you need to know.”
“I love you, as woman, with all I am.”
“I love you, too. With every breath as a man.”

While you were away
The days long, content
I took out our love, daily
Held it close wherever I went
Then Polished; until it shone
Paid Much attention, lovingly
Asked it questions, happily
Told it my secrets, daringly
Perhaps I grew complacent
Perhaps destiny’s accident
And me, not once thinking
we could not be One
Like treachery, a malignant hell
Or; a spite spell woven to distract
Until, one day while polishing,
I dropped our love and it cracked

While you were gone
I accused you ceaselessly
You swore I was wrong
Misunderstood from Understand
Hold your hand,
became; let me go.
Winter set in, rumors rife
of perceived sin, and I felt bone chill
Saw jpegs of your smiling life
Couldn’t get to you,
to see your face
You left me alone with me,
In my hated place

While you were away
When I caught a glimpse
your other life…stored contempt,
Stop pushing, you shouted
But; It weakened my structure,
Broke my core,
reminded me of before
And tore me apart
I tried all my tricks,
I stayed without sleep
I crumbled, like pick-up sticks
I played alone in the dark
Still my mind saw your eyes,
alight, in love; beautiful with lies
I now know better
I’ve hated someone,
Though, I’ve never met her
In pieces, I came undone

While you were away
I’ve been building walls and doors
Shirk womanly chores
I painted over sorrow
What I didn’t have
Of Emotional investment,
I had to borrow
to want a man
Built with no earthly plan
Cried tears into the garden
Created discordant Labyrinth
Watched the soil slowly harden
Between the gate and me
Welcome mat says, ‘My Truth’
Underneath please find two keys:
One says ‘Home’ and one says ‘Go’
If you make it to the door
If you make it, I’ll believe

He says:
While you were away
Each day,
I came back for you
Your heart was not at home,
No reply, in any time zone
I knocked, banged with fists
I cleaned, fixed windows and doors
I cleared undergrowth twists
And Pulled Ivy down for sight
Still, I couldn’t find the way in
Or a way back to your light
And our remembered conversation
Kept strong, held through the night
As I carefully tended the garden
My tears fell, softened debris
I Laid the welcome mat, ‘Believe’
I loved you patiently
Still, You wouldn’t open for me
So, for you I bleed
And; my Truth is
I didn’t want to leave

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