Finding Jesus

For I know the plans I have for you. declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. — Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV).

He said, “I pray you find Jesus..!”
While on his I-Phone
Climbed into his new car
Drove to his smart home
Ate his supper
Kissed his wife
2 children’s laughter
A happy Life
I said, “I pray Jesus finds you..!”
I was all alone
Nobody to kiss
No place to call home
Forgive the poor sinner
Who thinks he knows best
I have Faith in tomorrow
I count myself Blessed
To give having nothing
The ultimate Test

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The 4th Rose

Nobody knows
The depth
The pain
The knowledge
That sweats
My body
And stains
My soul
Before You came
And I was alone
You said I’m the fire
And you are the rain
That when we’re together
We overcome the pain
I said you are reason
And I am insane
That when we’re together
I can think clearly again
Bedroom kisses
A single red rose
Placed on my wishes
And replaces my clothes
I cannot define
When I crossed
The line
Between letting go
Fighting for what’s mine
I keep you close
You have my time
Align my body
Occupy my mind
You are heat
My ability to speak
Down to one word, “Please…”
When I am in your arms
I refuse release
Intimacy demands
This tenderness you teach
Superstition commands
That I claw and scratch
Don’t say you love me
I’m not your great catch
I will leave my mark
You are my ultimate match
I gift you Trust
You are strength at my side
And that is enough
You are the place I can hide
My surrender knows
You are where my heart goes
You are my freedom
And, I Am The Rose


All pictures courtesy of: green butterfly
Fantasy Fairy Rose
Rose Fantasy – Kezzi
Nude: Halel « Dire News
Rose Woman

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The 3rd Rose

You called me at 1am
You said,
“I’m sorry….
can’t sleep and miss you my friend…”
I whispered, “You knew I’d be awake”.
We spoke for more than an hour
The same comfort, hidden in perfume
The seduction of a flower
Your voice soothed
My mood naturally inclined
To slide into you
You have no idea
The fear
I’ve overcome
To say again; “He could be the one…”
How can I believe?
My heart is annoyed at my excuses
It beats in time with yours
It says, “I have many uses….and it is okay to care…”
Before I know it, I’ve said: “Come over.”
Two years my bedroom has been
A place no-one has seen
My sanctuary – Masculine
In reds, black, orange and browns
My private toys surround
And I invite you in…..

Your entrance at that early hour
Is easier somehow
I take your hand and lead you
Pull you
Lighting soft and flattering
Close the door behind you
You are so tall, lean – tanned
Your black hair framed
Your face earnest
Grey eyes match streaks in your hair
And laughter lines light sparkle
I make you happy
It is simple, you have trapped me
In your eyes I see all I can be
I stand on tippy toes
My mouth barely touches your nose
We laugh
Then your arms around me
Lift me
I’m in shorts and T-shirt
My breasts against your chest
I hold your arms, the strength
Enters me
I rest my head, sigh
I said no too long, why?
It cannot feel more right
I forget every betrayal
In safety and for you
I forget every man
Every hurt, is dust – it is nothing
I will love you
I must – while I can
For as long as you are my man

We linger on the precipice
What happens next immeasurable
Your kisses are sweet
They touch me
My breath leaves me
Feelings crush me
I am control denied
The feelings come like high tide
Fluctuations, lightheaded
This is where we’ve been headed
From the first hello
Your hands are strong, still slow
My hair tangled in your fingers
Your lips on my neck, lingers
In tiny bites
Until your hands cup my breasts
No simple conquest
It is like coming home
I am not just saying yes
I am saying, “I will love you best…”
One more try
And maybe a final goodbye
All this is choice
And from the precipice I fall
Into you
And you, into me
But, you delay the last line
We do not cross
Instead we lay in each other’s arms
And I am completely lost
We sleep like this
I swear I dreamed this
I am home, not alone
You are more than my lover
It is instinctive
We reach for each other


All pictures courtesy of: green butterfly
Fantasy Fairy Rose
Rose Fantasy – Kezzi
Nude: Halel « Dire News
Rose Woman

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An Arrangement

I fell into you
When we met
Fated design
At the right time
Right place
The space in my head
For an affair
Of the mind
I listen
Your life fascinates me
The time line
I’m content
With an arrangement
Not meant
For forever
And no lies
To devastate
You seem surprised
That your hypnotic eyes
To me don’t mean love
I’m too tired
To explain
That I had enough
And it means
Get complicated
I am passion
And control
And No anytime
Suits me fine
As we speak
I care for you
What you’ve been through
I understand
But, know I won’t demand
So if we don’t kiss
There’s no kiss and tell
And, when you are ready
I will wish you well
And thank you, too
For the gift of you

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In a short message service
You wrote: ‘ 1 – 4 – 3 ‘
Meant; when figured out, you love me

In a short message service
You wrote; ‘U r the 1!’
Smiley Face, Exclamation & ❤ 4 fun

In a short message service
You wrote; ' I just cannot sleep..!!'
Meant; you missed me & did I need U 2?

In a short message service
You wrote; 'I love U, U R my light'
Meant; together we'd be better; maybe even right..

In a short message service
You wrote; 'DON'T DO IT' you sent it twice
Meant; a beautiful 9 month roll of the dice

In a short message service
You wrote; 'Tell me everything: what r ur dreams?'
I did, I told u
It was easy, so it seems

In a short message service
You wrote: 'It's for the best. We'll try again'.
Meant; baby gone 4eva & we r just pretend

In a short message service
You wrote: 'I'm sorry, but YOU are NOT my wife!!!'.
Meant; time to pack up; get on with my own life

In a short message service
You wrote: 'Because I've deleted you!!!!!'.
Meant; all my fears finally come true…

In a short message service
I wrote: 'That's fine, I understand….'
Meant; I accept – and returned ring to your waiting hand

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Just this much
A hand to hold
Fingers that trigger
Or enfold
Just this once
Can I be bold
And let my eyes linger
Too long alone
My soul wont be sold
For a man who leaves
Or to atone
Sending shivers
Down lonely spine
With trickles deliver
A love not mine
Without it I wither
I cannot forgive
I choose instead to live
And; My life is mine
No touch
Can deliver
Or replace what you give her
So I put down the phone
At least
My choices are mine
And I may miss touch
But, if not yours
I decline
Touch led me to water
It led me to depth
It took all my heart
All of my breath
Your touch is the answer
The question you know
I wish with this body
That doesn’t feel like my own
Touch led me to slaughter
Love was denied
I accepted forever
Alone I have cried
I wish you Touch
I wish you Together
I assure you this much
My tears aren’t forever
Touch will come again
When I can allow
I will find a friend
Though it cannot be now
When Touch comes again
I will understand
The greatest Touch
Is how he holds my hand

Holding Hands – a Visual Poem by Meljoy68

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Fanciful, Fun and kinda Factual

I know I said you can take it
My life not worth much
But, I exchanged my ticket
When I decided not to not fight
Gave back the monkey’s paw
Off on a tangent
A tirade, a rant
The complainant
Complained on
Arguably, not wrong
But, she never did recant
An agent misunderstood
Intention well placed
Even the jury
Or a two faced liar
Could not decide
Which was prior
And, ran away to hide
While facts came down the wire
They Hid from view
Climbed ever higher
Until in a fall to death
Met the clean-up crew
From that height, it was
Unabridged spite
With so little remorse
Justice needed swerving
Enough to fill a landfill
I was just there,
Innocently observing
Then nervous as I saw my fate
I’d better get outta Dodgeville
Before they served me on a plate
In the end it does not matter
Who ate or who was serving
Someone must pay
It is nature’s way
And, aren’t we all deserving?
Start as you continue
Be careful what you say
Just as you enjoy the view
Someone says, “Outta my way…”
Be firm in your actions
So it can’t be misconstrued
If Your no stays no
And your yes is always yes
People come to count on it
And say,
“She’s innocent! Don’t be rude!”

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Friend in Grief

A friend in grief
Is a friend who needs
A friend who grieves
Knows that everybody leaves
The deepest night is somehow kind
More gentle on sorrow
More convincing absent sound
Than daylight hours
That prove You are not around
We forge a bond
In midnight talks
Stronger than tomorrow
Longer than the flowers
I pressed for memory
When I speak of You
And she answers me
And her heart is breaking
In testimony
While mine is finding peace
And I can comfort
And I can share release
Because a shattered heart
Means more than one piece
To fill with love and patience
And loss and misery
Thank you for sharing
Your truth with me
My friend before loss
My friend throughout
And when the sun does rise
And, tears silently shout
Know I am at your side
And, when it sets again
I am here
I am near
That will never end
And, always
I will be…..Your Friend
The Tree of Life
Brings us back again

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Home Alone

My life on a thread
You were an Intermission
You carried my weight
Your determined decision
To keep me safe
You gave me a home,
‘Til I was fine
You gave me your time,
Even away
You gave me your heart,
swore you would stay
Then I hurt you
I warned you I would
You wept
Surprised you still could
Then you went
And I slept while I died
Without you close
Without you by my side
I dealt with death
I dealt with betrayal
I moved house and home
I fell off the rails
Slept off the nightmare
Wished you were home
Made a new life
Wished you were there
Wished that just once
I was not so alone
Today is the last day
I reach out for you
Tired of been ignored
Tired of writing
Without a reply
Admit you got bored
So remain uninviting
You say you are angry
I understand why
Bereft, I say you left me
You didn’t try
I don’t know where you’ve been
Or who you have loved
I know only this
It hasn’t been me
You kept me safe
While I prayed for you
Then you left me
I can only conclude
And, this is tough
I wasn’t important…..
And – You didn’t love me enough

Photos by artists courtesy of ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ☆¸.•°*”˜ ˜”*°•.¸☆

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The melody of your demise by Enayla

Fairies, Myths, and Magic

The melody of your demise by Enayla

Mehach and Ereyon.

Tales speak of how Mehach, Goddess of Death, used to visit the world of Aii Chriaston in the past. She would herself step down from her ebony keep, and gently weave and coax souls from their discarded shells – and legends speak of how she, when gathering souls from a battlefield, met a wounded, but still breathing young man by the name of Ereyon.

Ereyon was beautiful in a way the Goddess had never seen before – she had seen beauty in Gods, but here, she saw beauty in life. In his pulse, in the beat of his heart, and she came to love him – and he came to love her.

She visited him every night, and every night they kissed. For nearly a year, they were together, but Ereyon had a secret he did not share with his mistress. Though her presence when she was with him was dimmed down – she was still Death, and she was slowly killing him. Rather than telling her, and losing what little time he had left with her, he kept quiet, and wasted away. Mehach was blinded by her love for him and suspected nothing until the day he actually died – and she felt his passing from her throne.

He did not come to her, though, as souls should. He clung to his grave and haunted the cemetery at night. Mehach called for him but he would not come – so she was forced to go down to him once again.

He did not want to go to the ebony keep, because he knew that then he would lose his memories and his love for her – he would lose what he had left. Haunting the cemetery, at least, would let him remember what they had shared.

Mehach spent the night in the graveyard, playing her harp – weaving patterns of his soul through her fingers, until, quiet as the wraith he was, he could no longer resist… and floated towards her, kissing her cheek – and she kissed him in return and thus stole his memories, and his love, and all that he once was… truly stealing his life before taking him back to the dark keep.

It is said that after this incident, after the tragic death of Ereyon, the Goddess of Death has never been seen on Aii Chriaston again.

ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ☆¸.•°*”˜ ˜”*°•.¸☆ ★

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