Fanciful, Fun and kinda Factual

I know I said you can take it
My life not worth much
But, I exchanged my ticket
When I decided not to not fight
Gave back the monkey’s paw
Off on a tangent
A tirade, a rant
The complainant
Complained on
Arguably, not wrong
But, she never did recant
An agent misunderstood
Intention well placed
Even the jury
Or a two faced liar
Could not decide
Which was prior
And, ran away to hide
While facts came down the wire
They Hid from view
Climbed ever higher
Until in a fall to death
Met the clean-up crew
From that height, it was
Unabridged spite
With so little remorse
Justice needed swerving
Enough to fill a landfill
I was just there,
Innocently observing
Then nervous as I saw my fate
I’d better get outta Dodgeville
Before they served me on a plate
In the end it does not matter
Who ate or who was serving
Someone must pay
It is nature’s way
And, aren’t we all deserving?
Start as you continue
Be careful what you say
Just as you enjoy the view
Someone says, “Outta my way…”
Be firm in your actions
So it can’t be misconstrued
If Your no stays no
And your yes is always yes
People come to count on it
And say,
“She’s innocent! Don’t be rude!”

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Friend in Grief

A friend in grief
Is a friend who needs
A friend who grieves
Knows that everybody leaves
The deepest night is somehow kind
More gentle on sorrow
More convincing absent sound
Than daylight hours
That prove You are not around
We forge a bond
In midnight talks
Stronger than tomorrow
Longer than the flowers
I pressed for memory
When I speak of You
And she answers me
And her heart is breaking
In testimony
While mine is finding peace
And I can comfort
And I can share release
Because a shattered heart
Means more than one piece
To fill with love and patience
And loss and misery
Thank you for sharing
Your truth with me
My friend before loss
My friend throughout
And when the sun does rise
And, tears silently shout
Know I am at your side
And, when it sets again
I am here
I am near
That will never end
And, always
I will be…..Your Friend
The Tree of Life
Brings us back again

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