My Heart Said Stay

Built tall and dusky
Denial in a rusty bed1234679_586507291385457_673148739_n
That stays pristine
Virginal, new
Yet, unclean
Like things you never said
Rid myself of compliance
Trip on pride
The reliance
Lives only in my head
I walk with denial
As if we never met
Or you never left
Because it kills me
Either way
It fills me
My heart said stay
And then pushed
‘Til blinded
You went away
And I could not see
I was pushing me
Phantom kisses
In deepest sleep
Honest whispers
Memory keep
And silently weep
I never knew
I’d miss you
Until gone
Carefully strong
For far too long
As so forget
We ever met
For my protection
My predilection
For hurting me
Desert completely
And love a joke
Our story’s end
Before you spoke
Though I loved you
At first glance
Unlucky in love
And games of chance
Held dice tightly
I cannot lose
If you don’t fight me
Yes, I choose
Not to play
You should have known
My heart said stay
You should have gambled
Or taken the dice away