Whispers in another room

A voice in another room
Speaks too quietly
Expecting answers far too soon
I try, cry – is it only me
But, the words seem to know
And; the voice in the other room
Seems always stuck on slow
Decipher decisions
Before I’m freed
Decided the visions
Before I agreed
If this was ordained
I missed the blessing
Instead I’m left to bleed
On knees I’m confessing
When will the pain end, let me be
When words cease and set me free?
The story of a life, less friend
I go where you cannot be
Your voice is a mere whisper
But spoken truthfully
As the dusk becomes the dawn
A scream inside my body
Becomes an aching yawn
Memory takes a back seat
While voices in another room
Replace the voices I might meet
I pray memory remains kind
Because my hearing is just fine
Cotton curtains play with the wind
When the silence is most profound
I hear the Angels sing
Your voice in that other room
Has a clarity that’s too loud
Is it the death bell that they ring
Every utterance a clear refrain
You left us far too soon
I think God has enough Angels
It’s just wrong to take you, too
Your voice now crystal clear,
Beloved words, they are not new….
You say, “I love you, now be strong…”
I know there is a purpose
I know I cannot fight
But, in doing this disservice
It only proves that I am right
Still the whisper in another room
Is gone when I put on the light

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The Untouchable Ghost:
A short story by Miss Niki * Must Read *

Epic Fantasy – Lita Burke

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